Product Descriptions


Genworks GDL

Our commercial product offering is Genworks® GDL. GDL stands for General-purpose Declarative Language. While GDL excels at representing complex hierarchical systems, including three-dimensional geometric models, the language framework itself is domain-independent and can be used to achieve a wide range of results.

GDL combines the best aspects of a spreadsheet, a dynamic object-oriented programming language, a parametric CAD system, a web application server, and a Knowledge-management system.

  • GDL Kernel-level Compiler and Development Environment (seamlessly integrated with CL/CLOS compiler)
  • Library of core GDL Objects, Functions, and Macros
  • Library of 3D and 2D geometric GDL Objects, Functions, and Macros
  • GDL Web Application and Ajax Framework, integrated with a fully-featured, in-memory, open-source AllegroServe webserver
  • GDL-based Object Tree Browser and Inspector with 3D geometry rendering
  • Distributed GDL (dGDL), allowing child objects of GDL instance trees to exist on separate processes on local or remote server(s)
  • Access to Relational Databases
  • GDL integrated object-oriented relational database support, including table definition compiler and caching and dependency-tracking for database table and row objects
  • GDL relational database user interface, providing default web-based access to insert, update, and delete database table rows
  • Fully cross-referenced web-based GDL reference documentation
  • Comprehensive PDF manual with introduction, tutorials, and examples
  • Library of functioning sample applications

The Professional Edition is for use in the early phases of application development. It does not include the capability to generate runtime application distributions. The Professional Edition may also be appropriate for providing additional Development seats within an organization or department which already has at least one Enterprise seat. Applications developed with Professional Edition may be distributed as proprietary, closed-source compiled binaries for use on licensed installations of GDL Runtime.

The Enterprise Edition is for use in developing, building, and deploying run-time applications in a networked corporate Enterprise environment, or on the Internet. Enterprise customers are automatically licensed to generate and use run-time applications for noncommercial activities (e.g. deployment testing, demonstrations, etc). Customers who wish to generate and deploy company-internal run-time applications for production use may purchase GDL Runtime Licenses for this purpose. Customers who wish to generate and deploy commercial run-time applications may apply to Genworks to become GDL VARs (Value-added Resellers).

For advanced Surface and Solids geometry modeling, Genworks offers an integrated Geometry kernel based on the SMLib product from Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc. The integration with SMLib adds powerful surface and solids capabilities to GDL's built-in 3D wireframe facilities. SMLib provides extensible filleting, as well as full support for non-manifold topology (e.g. edges sharing more than two faces) for boundary-representation solids. Along with the dynamic modeling capability, the SMLib option also provides input and output support for the standard Iges and STEP formats as well as the possibility of direct CAD translation.

The combination of the industry-standard SMLib kernel library with GDL's interactive and dynamic development environment results in an unprecedented level of power and flexibility for developing domain-specific "intelligent" domain-specific CAD solutions.