Licensing and Pricing

Since 2002, Genworks software and support has been powering mission-critical applications at Fortune 500 companies, as well as web-deployed applications made by independent developers.

Starting in 2011, Genworks made the decision to open-source the GDL kernel as The Gendl Project. Gendl is free to use, modify, and distribute as long as you follow the terms of the AGPL, which requires that you release your own application source code to any distributees, under a compatible license.

AGPL Gendl is appropriate for hobbyists and researchers, as well as commercial users whose business model contemplates the open-sourcing of their own application code. Note that (although this will never be an issue for the vast majority of users) if you have plans to develop your own, competing KBE kernel (in Lisp or another language), then you should steer clear of Gendl, or approach Genworks ahead of time to discuss a licensing arrangement. This is because exposure to the Gendl source code would taint your ability to to create a new workalike product from scratch in a cleanroom manner, and would expose you to copyright and other legal risks.

For open-source users who require an AGPL exception (i.e. you want to host or deploy an application but keep your application source code closed-source and proprietary), please Contact Genworks and we can discuss options for achieving that.

For commercial and industrial users, the commercial Genworks GDL offering is most appropriate, and includes the following five features and services in exchange for payment of license fees and/or royalties:

  1. Genworks Technical Support. Support is typically unlimited, and paid via an annual support fee.

  2. Exception to AGPL License. This Exception allows you to distribute and/or host your application without divulging your application source code (as is normally required by AGPL).

  3. Commercial Common Lisp engine. Commercial Genworks GDL includes commercial Franz Allegro CL or LispWorks from LispWorks Ltd.

  4. Commercial SMLib Solid Modeling Kernel from Solid Modeling Solutions.

  5. Access to turnkey distribution with prebuilt Genworks GDL executable image and Gnu Emacs-based Integrated Development Environment.

Please Contact Genworks for a current Price List and licensing options.